Achim Töper

7 - 8 September 2021 | Alte Kaserne Winterthur

Basis Technologies, Senior DevOps Solution Specialist

Achim Töper, is responsible as "Senior DevOps Solution Specialist" for the globally operating Basis Technologies in PreSales for D-A-CH. As a certified business informatics engineer who has been working with SAP since 1995 in various roles such as development, quality assurance and program management, he is convinced that SAP is not an island and that DevOps and agility in SAP - done right - can be easily established.
As a regular blogger, author and speaker at community and SAP events, his presentations always show how people should be put into the center of IT and methods.

Achim Töper
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52 years since mankind hit the moon - the hit parade of bringing DevOps to SAP

When JFK outlined his vision of manned spaceflight 60 years ago as a national mission, addressing NASA as well, he did not yet know that the siloed processes of the time would first have to be changed dramatically and that a new culture of sharing, communication and continuous everything would have to be created. We as pioneers in the area of DevOps for SAP are convinced that in addition to the important elements of DevOps (such as advanced automation and LEAN mechanisms) the people are the focus of a successful "DevOps for SAP approach". Our vision is that this #DevOpsCulture must first be brought into the hearts (and then into the brains) of people. And how could that be done more easily than by music and songs. Follow my talk to the hits of a space odyssey into infinite expanses of digital twins and robots alongside integrations and feel the freedom of realizing that SAP is not an island, when it comes to DevOps.



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