DevOpsDays Zürich

Achim Töper

31 May - 1 June 2022 | Alte Kaserne Winterthur

Senior DevOps Solution Specialist @ Basis Technologies

Achim Töper, is responsible as “Senior DevOps Solution Specialist” for the globally operating Basis Technologies in PreSales for D-A-CH. As a certified business informatics engineer who has been working with SAP since 1995 in various roles such as development, quality assurance and program management, he is convinced that SAP is not an island and that DevOps and agility in SAP - done right - can be easily established. As a regular blogger, author and speaker at community and SAP events, his presentations always show how people should be put into the center of IT and methods.

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Whether flying to the moon or flying to Mars. A big goal requires big leadership

Last year, we talked about putting humanity on the moon and listed the top 10 SAP DevOps songs. But it’s not enough to reach the moon. Humanity is dreaming of reaching and taking over Mars. These far-reaching and compelling missions take special female and male leaders, like Commander Peggy Whitson and Chris Hadfield. Chris Hadfield was the first to perform the David Bowie song “Space Oddity” live on the ISS, and Peggy Whitson held the record for the most spacewalks by a woman. Chris Hadfield became famous for, among other things, a quote after using a Swiss Army knife in space: “We experienced the true space age: we broke into Mir with a Swiss Army knife.”

NASA doesn’t just talk about DevOps, it acts on it. With different nations and international partners (e.g. SpaceX), you work together and pursue the common goal. SAP projects are very similar: big goals, often international teams. In collaboration and communication, “DevOps for SAP” shows amazing results. The leadership styles of some well-known and fictional heroes from outer space will teach us the earthly skills needed to successfully implement DevOps for SAP!


In my Ignite session, let’s experience together how the leadership skills of the heroes from outer space adapted to everyday life will ensure your personal success, not only in SAP projects.