DevOpsDays Zürich

Benjamin Wyss

31 May - 1 June 2022 | Alte Kaserne Winterthur

Requirements Engineer & Product Owner @ Infometis AG

Benjamin Wyss gained his first experience in business analysis over 15 years ago following his apprenticeship in banking. He quickly learned that a wide variety of stakeholders have requirements for IT systems and that these are rarely congruent. He got to know the agile world in practice during his several years as a product owner for social insurance software and came to appreciate it to a high degree. He is particularly convinced by the transparent communication as well as the constant reflection and improvement. Today, he works as a project member and consultant in various areas as a requirements engineer, product owner, agile coach and lecturer.

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MVP - Built-in Simplicity

Let us shed some light on the famous and notorious Minimum Viable Product.

Build-Measure-Learn, the Lean Startup Cycle, which made the MVP famous, has some parallels to the DevOps Cycle.

So can thinking about MVP help you in planning what to do next in DevOps, too? And can DevOps help you in applying the MVP pattern?

Yes. As long as we keep some important aspects in mind.

In this - slightly different - Ignite I’ll share my thoughts on what the motives were behind the invention of MVP, what it is not and what you have to pay attention on while operating with this concept.