DevOpsDays Zürich

Claudine Clerc & Georg Hauzenberger

7 - 8 September 2021 | Alte Kaserne Winterthur

Claudine Clerc

monum GmbH, Agile Coach

In 10 years of working as a project manager and consultant in IT, Claudine has become convinced that today's complex problems can no longer be adequately dealt with using classic working methods. She first dealt with new work methods, self-organization, systemic thinking and Scrum before she completed a postgraduate degree in Change Management and was trained as a Holacracy Facilitator.

Since three years she is coaching teams and managers in their various transformation projects towards Agile. She is a partner at monum GmbH.

Claudine Clerc
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Georg Hauzenberger
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Georg Hauzenberger

Agile Transformation and Project Manager at Swiss Air-Rescue Rega

Throughout Georg’s career, he has been working in quite diverse fields, such as wireless telemetry, satellite communications, software architecture, cost steering and, ultimately, project management. Somehow, he ended up at Swiss Air-Rescue Rega, a private, non-profit air rescue service. Not that he would regret it.
At Rega, Georg is responsible for managing IT services related to helicopter rescue operations and, on top, ground-based mountain rescue. Having experienced the power (and fun) of agile collaboration firsthand, he is also supporting Rega’s agile transformation. Georg is currently working towards a digital transformation of rescue operations that ranges from the patients themselves to the helicopter and ground crews.


Digitalization at Swiss Air-Rescue Rega: Four Key Aspects of Agile Transformation

Swiss Air-Rescue Rega is a private, non-profit air rescue service that provides emergency medical assistance by helicopter in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and, moreover, manages a fleet of three jet aircraft that are used for repatriating Swiss citizens from abroad in case of medical emergencies. Rega is currently undergoing a rapid digitalization that is mainly driven by business needs. Enabling this digitalization requires Rega business stakeholders and IT to develop a joint strategy and to closely collaborate on projects together with their suppliers, so that stakeholders' needs can be adequately implemented and ever-changing conditions can be met.

This kind of agility should not be confined to the way in which people collaborate in IT projects, but should also reflect in business stakeholders' approach to problem-solving, collaboration and organization. Together with their partner Monum, Rega tries to foster such an approach by the iterative introduction of an agile collaboration "product", based on which teams within business are enabled to collaborate in an agile manner and develop a joint strategy with IT.

Translation of this joint strategy into projects and, owing to Scrum being Rega's main agile framework of choice, into Product Backlogs, requires key business and IT stakeholders to constantly refine and adapt a Portfolio Backlog, which is Rega's overarching collaboration artefact between business and IT.

Within Rega's agile projects, the custom-tailored mechanism of "agile fixed price contracts" is then used to balance the inherently present commercial and temporal constraints with the sometimes conflicting demands of stakeholders and suppliers and the ever-changing boundary conditions.

The constant need to inspect and adapt requires a high degree of flexibility to be exercised by each individual in Rega, which in turn demands a cultural shift to take place. Rega's partner Monum is accompanying this cultural shift from the very beginning of Rega's agile transformation and has gained some very interesting insights in the process.

A representative from both Rega and Monum will illuminate the above mentioned four key aspects of Rega's digital transformation in a brief Ignite session, hoping to light the spark for a further discussion in the Open Space.