David Patrick Adam

7 - 8 September 2021 | Alte Kaserne Winterthur

IoT/SCM Developer Associate

Work experience:
2017 Erasmus Intern - Information Analyst
2018 Working student - Software Quality Assurance
2019 Working student - Web Development
since 2020 IoT/SCM Developer Associate

2016 Bachelors degree - Transportation Systems Engineering
since 2020 Masters degree - Business & Computer Science

Personal interests:
Biking, hiking, tennis

David Patrick Adam
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DevOps Maturity Assessment | A practical approach

When it comes to DevOps its quite hard to find a standard definition or give prescriptions. CALMS helps to understand fundamental principles of DevOps but unfortunately its not prescriptive enough.
I would like to give a short overview of our experience applying a more practical approach to measure and evaluate DevOps maturity level.

Further details:
For our journey, we used "Nine Pillars of DevOps" by Marc Hornbeek as starting point.
The framework provides some fundamentals to assess and measure the maturity level in DevOps teams while its customisable to any organization.
Further, we've developed a custom-set of engineering practices for categories like DevOps collaborative culture, DevOps leadership, DevOps continuous integration and testing.
After applying the assessment within our organization, every category and practice has been appropriately mapped to 1-5 maturity levels.
The five maturity levels allow to identify improvements and saturations.
After assessment and mapping the results, we were able to apply more precise improvements towards a higher DevOps maturity level within our organization.

"Going DevOps" and don't know where to start, or, "Doing DevOps" and being not satisfied with the results? Then this approach will help you on your DevOps journey.



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