Johan Abildskov

7 - 8 September 2021 | Alte Kaserne Winterthur

DevOps Consultant

I am a Continuous Delivery and DevOps consultant and teacher. I did not write the book on DevOps, but I did write the song for DevOpsDays Copenhagen. I help companies both with process and culture, but I do enjoy it when I can dive into the deep tech stuff. I am particular fond of Git, Jenkins, Artifactory and Gradle as a toolstack.
I maintain [Opinionated Git](, [Exploring Agile Newsletter]( and the [best darn Git exercises around]( I enjoy programming, music, gaming and being with my family of course 🙂

Johan Abildskov
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Automation is hard and we are doing it wrong

We spend a lot of energy and time on automation, yet often we struggle to reap the benefits. Automation is one of the pillars of DevOps. Automation is also difficult and often approached in a bad way. This talk will cover why and some strategies for successful automation.

Automation is touted as the magic bullet to productivity. No matter if we talk infrastructure, testing, deployment or traceability. Many projects that start an automation effort in search of the silver bullet, will however spend a lot of effort in automation with low return on investment.

This talk will cover how we go wrong in our automation efforts and some tips and tricks for moving in the right direction with the right mindset.


This rock is better than your software

We talk a lot about the quality of software. Or more accurately we talk about the
lack of quality in software. We try to introduce automated tests,
deployments, we do _agile_, _continuous delivery_ and _DevOps_, but has that made our software

I have trust in a rock to behave as expected, I can not save the same thing for the average piece of software.
In this talk I will talk about what the concept of _quality_ means in terms of software.
I will also cover techniques for reasoning about the quality of our software, and hopefully make it better.



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