DevOpsDays Zürich

Luigi Zoso

31 May - 1 June 2022 | Alte Kaserne Winterthur

Process Owner IT Change Management @ Swiss Re

I grew up in Italy and I’ve spent most of my working life in London. My work experience includes process design, software delivery, IT change management, project management and agile development for both the public sector and the private industry. I’ve been in this role at Swiss Re for the last 2 years. Passionate about process improvement!



From IT Change Management to Change Enablement: The Swiss Re Journey

In this session I will describe the journey we embarked upon to embrace the “change enablement” approach to IT change management at Swiss Re, a leading re-insurance company. I will discuss how we addressed challenges with traditional IT change management, where approval is removed from accountability and process heaviness becomes a barrier to delivery. We have introduced initiatives with the aim to enable application teams to maintain control and governance in a way that does not impede the speed of delivery. Initiatives include empowering application teams to own the change approval process, automating change management as part of the CI/CD pipeline, using collaboration tools for chat-based change approvals and leveraging data & metrics to influence approval decisions.