DevOpsDays Zürich

Mark Heistek &
Peter Nijenhuis

31 May - 1 June 2022 | Alte Kaserne Winterthur

Mark Heistek

Co-Owner @ Lasciva B.V.

Mark has first-hand experience leading (large) organizations through the agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery transformation.

He provides the training and services that companies need to successfully harness agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery as a self-organizing force that becomes part of a company’s product development culture.

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Peter Nijenhuis

Owner and Founder @ S0L1D Heroes

Peter is a DevOps enthusiast and evangelist, but still with a common-sense approach.

He’s one of the organizers of DevOpsDays Amsterdam, DevOps meetups, and speaks at conferences and meetups regularly

In his daily work he’s active as a coach, facilitator, mentor, and entrepreneur with anything related to DevOps and high-performing organizations.


Learn DevOps in a playful way!

Room: “Malen” / 1st floor

We strongly believe in learning by playing.

Studies have shown that learning through gaming has a hugely positive effect on the capability to absorb information and learn new skills. Besides that, it’s also just fun to play a game with colleagues ;)

That’s the reason why we’ve created a very accessible serious game for DevOps. While playing you’ll learn the effects of creating flow, optimizing your process, and what the benefits can be of eliminating waste in your process. It will also help you how to identify bottlenecks, improve team collaboration and communication. This all in a very fun, positive, and energetic way.

The game is easy to understand, very accessible, only needs 4 players to start, and takes around 1 to 1,5 hours to play.

Mark Heistek and I will be demonstrating the game and then teams can play themselves. After each round, the team will have time to reflect and adjust some things so the next round will be better, or not :) Mark and I will facilitate the teams and help them to understand how the mechanics of the game can help to identify challenges the individuals are facing at their daily jobs.

This would be the very first DevOpsDays where we’re going to demonstrate the game and it would be an honor to demonstrate this at DevOpsDays Zurich.

There are no p
rerequisites for this workshop.