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DevOpsDays Zürich

Dr. Martin Wechsler

03 - 04 May 2023 | Alte Kaserne Winterthur

Group Chief Information Officer,

Martin gained his master degree in computer science at ETH in 1994, and a PhD in computer science (information retrieval) in 1998. He applied his knowledge at McKinsey & Company from 1999 to 2003 as a Consultant and Engagement Manager, and hold various IT management positions at Credit Suisse and Schweizerische Mobiliar (Swiss Insurer), before he was appointed Group CIO of Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund in 2020. Migros is Switzerland's largest supermarket chain, as well as the largest private employer with 100’000 employees. It is also one of the forty largest retailers in the world (Wikipedia, 2023).

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Evening Keynote

DevOps - like Riding a Bike or rather like Playing Golf?

For some people, DevOps is daily routine, for others it is still new ground. In this talk, Martin will talk about challenges of an IT organisation, and how Migros Group IT approaches DevOps.

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