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DevOpsDays Zürich

Wiktoria Dalach

03 - 04 May 2023 | Alte Kaserne Winterthur

Software and Security Engineer, Writer

Wiktoria Dalach is a Software/Security Engineer, a writer an a youtuber. She has been building apps for nearly a decade now. She has organized over 30 workshops for Webmuses, a community she co-founded in 2012. She's a RailsGirls mentor. Her interests focus on creativity, art and cybersecurity.

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Great Security is One Question Away

After a decade of writing code, I joined the application security team. During the transition process, I discovered that there are many myths about security, and how difficult it is. Often devs choose to ignore it because they think that writing more secure code would take them ages. It is not true. Security doesn’t have to be scary. From my talk, you will learn the most useful piece from the Application Security theory. It will be practical and not boring at all.

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