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DevOpsDays Zürich

Antonio Alvino & 
Mauro Ferratello

16 - 17 April 2024 | Alte Kaserne Winterthur

Antonio Alvino

Senior Software/DevOps Engineer @ sureVIVE AG

With over 5 years in the tech industry, I’ve spent the majority of my career immersed in software development and DevOps, specializing in Java and DevOps for the past 4 years.

Skills-wise, I’m armed with a broad toolkit that includes Java (Spring Boot, Spring Data), AWS (Fargate, CodeCommit/Build/Deploy, ECS, RDS, etc.), Azure (Repos, Pipelines), OpenShift, Kubernetes, Docker, REST, and Junit.

Some of my proudest career moments include helping companies secure their digital businesses during my time at Advantio.

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Mauro Ferratello

Chief Information Officer @ sureVIVE AG

Born as a software craftsman, I'm an agile passionate, and DevOps evangelist.

I have been a Jenkins Master, and I shared my experiences in a couple of conferences in the past.

I actually work as the CIO of sureVIVE AG where I aim to help people keeping the whole product up&running with an eye on security and data protection and the other on the prevention of incidents.


A Tale on how DevOps Helps us Save Lives

DevOps is more than “just” a methodology. It can, actually, help save lives.

In our Ignite talk, we will give you a view from behind the scenes on how our alert and situational awareness platform for volunteer and professional rescuers is built and constantly improved.

We are going to explain our use of mechanisms such as the public cloud, infrastructure-as-code, microservice architectures and event-driven design in a high-availability, mission-critical setting.

For each step along the way, we will give you a real-life example of how DevOps can help save lives. Not just ours, but also those of our rescuers and patients. :)

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